martedì 21 ottobre 2014

John Abercrombie & WDR Big Band Köln - My Favourite Things (2014)

John Abercrombie guitar
Adam Nussbaum drums

WDR Big Band Köln
Michael Abene arranger, conductor
Ludwig Nuss trombone solo

01 Greenstreet
02 Apprensive soul
03 Spring song
04 Take four
05 Dansir
06 Laboour day
07 Wishing bell
08 Band introduction
09 Convolution
10 As its dance
11 Closing

Registrato il 26 settembre 2014 alla Philharmonie di Colonia
Trasmesso Mercoledì 8 ottobre 2014 - ore 20,05 (WDR 3)

or here (nitroflare)

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  1. Hi Barabbovich - the link doesn't seem to come up on Rapidgator - after the 45 second waiting period the download never follows. Just thought I'd mention - not sure if the issue is on their end or mine. The previous Mantler file worked fine. Thanks for all you do!!

  2. Ok - issue is on my end! Sorry about that! Thanks for all B - much appreciated!!!

    1. hi Chico, this has happened to me a few times with Rapidgator - in fact it's happening now, when I try to download this - but it always seems to put itself right if I wait a while.

      looks like a great recording - thanks again Barabbovich!

  3. Thanks Alan! Technology is a wonderful thing (most of the time)! Can't thank Barabbovich enough for all these wonderful shows!!

  4. Wonderful recording indeed! Making my way thru it now - stunning playing - great sound quality as usual from Barabbovich! This site is such a treasure! So many great recordings! Thx!!!!

  5. Hi
    I have tried to download this concert time and time again but Rapidgator just goes back again to the start after 45 seconds. I am at a loss to understand how some people have been able to download this John Abercrombie concert?
    Best wishes for a great site.