lunedì 15 settembre 2014

Steve Gorn, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta - From the caves of the iron mountain (1997)

Jerry Marotta - percussion
Steve Gorn - reeds
Tony Levin - basses

1. Approaching the cavern
2. Man walking from A to B
3. In the caves of the iron mountains
4. Drumming on water
5. Devil's kitchen
6. Shakers in five
7. Glass beads
8. Joyous lake
9. Catskill gallery the abandoned ibm plant
10. Catskill gallery woodstock, the indian burial ground
11. Catskill gallery swimming the shokan rooftops
12. Catskill gallery overlook mountain
13. Shepherd's song
14. Catacombs
15. Magic meadow
16. The widow jane mine
17. Squeeze box

CD out of print

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