lunedì 17 luglio 2017

Lennart Aberg - Partial solar eclipse (1978)

Bertil Lövgren trumpet, fluegelhorn
Ulf Adåker trumpet, fluegelhorn
Jan Kohlin trumpet, fluegelhorn
Håken Nyquist french horn, trombone, fluegelhorn
Stephen Franckevich trumpet
Lars Olofsson trombone
Sven Larsson bass trombone, tuba
Jörgen Johansson trombone
Lennart Åberg soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone
Ulf Andersson alto saxophone, piccolo, flute
Tommy Koverhult soprano flute, tenor flute
Erik Nilsson baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, flute
Bobo Stenson piano, el-piano
Harald Svensson synthesizer
Jan Tolf electric guitar
Palle Danielsson Bass
Stefan Brolund Fender bass
Jon Christensen drums
Leroy Lowe drums
Okay Temiz percussion

1. Partial solar eclipse I
2. Partial solar eclipse II
3. Partial solar eclipse III
4. Partial solar eclipse IV
5. Partial solar eclipse V
6. Partial solar eclipse VI

Recorded September 5 - 9, 1977, at Metronome Studios, Stockholm
Vinyl out of print

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  1. As I said before: this is the best music blog at this time. However, I must comment that is a pity that some records have so lower bitrate (this one, for instance, was ripped at 112 kbps). Nothing is perfect in life, I know that. But all things can be better off...
    Thank you so much for all that wonderful music you share. Complimenti!

  2. I agree, this is such a hard one to find digitally that I'm glad it's just available to listen to. Quite a unique album. Many thanks Barabbovich!

  3. This is another great find for me - many thanks. But... I want to kill Rapidshare - I paid them 50 Euros just so I could get at the music on this site and I still can't download more than one album a day - they are crooks! Sorry to rant...

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  5. please re-upload this file.
    I want to listen to this music.

  6. hi and thanks for your efforts and contributions. would it be possible to repost partial Solar Eclipse on RapidGator? the link os broken