domenica 4 ottobre 2015

John and Mary - Victory gardens (1991)

John and Mary are:
John Lombardo, Mary Ramsey, Armand John Petri, Augie Meyers, Jerome Augustyniak, Joey Molland, Robert Buck, Ronnie Lane

1. Red Wooden Beads (Lombardo/Ramsey)
2. The Azalea Festival (Lombardo/Ramsey)
3. Piles of Dead Leaves (Lombardo/Ramsey)
4. We Have Nothing (Lombardo)
5. Rags of Flowers (Lombardo/Ramsey)
6. I Became Alone (Lombardo/Ramsey)
7. The Open Window (Lombardo/Ramsey)
8. July 6th (Lombardo)
9. Pram (Lombardo)
10. Un Canadien Errant (Public Domain [1])

CD out of print
Degradated here

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