martedì 8 settembre 2015

Double Image - Dougle Image (1977)

Dave Samuels, vibraphone, marimba, tabla, percussion
David Friedman, vibraphone, marimba, percussion
Harvie Swartz, bass
Michael Di Pasqua, drums, percussion

01 Rodney's dream of fantasy and self-fulfillment
02 Veldtland
03 Truce
04 Rag-out
05 Mist
06 Aerobats

Vinyl out of print. Download here this extraordinary album.

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  1. just found your site..very nice indeed..thanks for the music

  2. No Rapidshare please!
    it's all off line

  3. Hi folks, many thanks for keeping this music available. Any chance to get active links of both Double Image albums (this one and ECM's "Dawn"). Many thanks.

  4. Grazie mille! Wonderful series of uploads.
    BTW, sometimes Rapidshare won't let you get past the initial page. It works, however, if you delete the refer sequence in the html address (?referer=