martedì 9 ottobre 2012

Danny Cavanagh - A place to be. A tribute to Nick Drake (2004)

Daniel Cavanagh, born October 6 1972, is an English guitarist and singer who formed the British doom metal band Anathema in 1990 with his younger brother Vincent Cavanagh. Danny has several side projects such as Antimatter, whose music has a very similar feel to the more recent works by Anathema, and Leafblade. In 2002 Danny left the band, but changed his mind and rejoined soon thereafter, going on to write almost the entire A Natural Disaster album.

Danny Cavangh - guitars, vocals

1. Cello song
2. One of these things first
3. Place to be
4. Road
5. Rider on the wheel
6. Black eyed dog
7. River man
8. Clothes of sand
9. Fly
10. Nothern sky
11. From the morning

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