giovedì 18 novembre 2021

Pat Metheny / Charlie Haden / Billy Higgins - Ravenna Jazz Festival 1986


Charlie Haden: bass
Billy Higgins: drums
Pat Metheny: guitar, guitar synthesizer, effects

 01 Waiting for an Answer (Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden)
02 Lonely Woman (Horace Silver)
03 Round Trip - Broadway Blues (Ornette Coleman)
04 Blues for Pat (Charlie Haden)
05 James (Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays)

Registrato a Ravenna, Rocca Brancaleone, il 3 luglio 1986
Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 2 ottobre 1986


lunedì 15 novembre 2021

Miroslav Vitous / Joe Lovano / Jon Christensen - Ravenna Jazz Festival 1996


Miroslav Vitous bass
Joe Lovano saxophones
Jon Christensen drums

01 Opening
02 Unitled
03 Band Introduction
04 Slow Tune
05 Silent
06 Closing

Recorded live in Ravenna, Teatro Rasi, 6.5.1996
Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre l'8.10.1996


domenica 14 novembre 2021

Jan Garbarek, Miroslav Vitous, Peter Erskine - Stars in Ravenna (1991)


Miroslav Vitous double bass
Jan Garbarek soprano & tenor saxophones
Peter Erskine drums

01 Star
02 Jumper
03 Band Introduction
04 Lamenting
05 Snowman
06 Roses for You
07 The music of my people

Registrato dal vivo a Ravenna, Teatro Rasi, per il Ravenna Jazz Festival, il 24 agosto 1991.
Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 10 novembre 1991


sabato 13 novembre 2021

Michael Manring - Ai confini tra Sardegna e jazz (2011)

Michael Manring - bass solo, electronics

01 First picture
02 Second picture

Registrato a Sant’Anna Arresi il 27 agosto 2011
Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 18.6.2012


venerdì 12 novembre 2021

Jon Hassell & Maarifa Street - Tampere (2009)

Eivind Aarset guitar, bass, electronics
Jan Bang live sampling
Jon Hassell trumpet, keys, electronics
Kheir-Eddine M'Kachiche violin

01 Passport Control
02 Last night the moon came dropping its clothes in the street
03 Aurora
04 Lonely Town
05 Clairvoyance

Recorded live at the 28th International Jazz Happening, Old Customs House Hall, Tampere, Finland on 31 October 2009. A Deutschlandfunk "On Stage" digital broadcast recording, 11 June 2010
Artwork & recording by my disappeared friend Chris from England (hi, Chris!)

mercoledì 10 novembre 2021

Jan Garbarek Group - Reggio Emilia Jazz Festival (1988)


Jan Garbarek saxophones
Eberhard Weber bass
Nana Vasconcelos percussion
Rainer Brüninghaus: keyboards

01 Weaving a Garland
02 Bass Solo
03 He Comes from the North
04 Mission To Be where I Am
05 2nd piece


martedì 9 novembre 2021

Gary Burton Quartet - Live at Chat Noir, Oslo, 1970


Gary Burton – vibes
David Pritchard – guitar
Steve Swallow – bass
Bill Goodwin – drums

Good Citizen Swallow
Green Mountains
Henninger Flats
And On The Third Day
June the 15th 1967
I Want You
Chega de Saudade (No More Blues)
Portsmouth Figurations

Live at Chat Noir, Oslo, Norway, October 1970


lunedì 8 novembre 2021

Francesco De Gregori - Radio concerto: Prendere e lasciare (1996)


Ambrogio Sparagna, Fabio Fazio, Francesco De Gregori

1. Rimmel
2. Buonanotte fiorellino
3. L'abbigliamento di un fuochista
4. Fine di un killer
5. Battere e levare