sabato 29 marzo 2014

Jan Garbarek Group - ECM session 5 (2013)

Jan Garbarek - saxes, flute
Rainer Brüninghaus - piano, keyboards
Yuri Daniel - bass
Trilok Gurtu - drums, percussion, voice

01 Heather
02 The creek
03 Yr
04 Praise
05 Stolt oli - Tao (including bass solo) - Nrkvineliet
06 FM eleven - Quwwali - Transformations
07 Bengasi

Rassegna di Rete Due
Tra jazz e nuove musiche 2013/14 – 1.parte
Registrato al Cinema Teatro, Chiasso – 26 novembre 2013

7 commenti:

  1. Great, thanks Barabbovich! Hopefully this will be a sign of a new Garbarek album on the horizon soon...

  2. Thank you so much for this incredible piece of music. Sounds fantastic.

  3. Garbarek is always fantastic! Thanks so much!

  4. Some people go that extra mile just for the benefit of others. Barabbovich is one of those people. Thanks B for all that u do. So appreciated.

  5. I have to check my ego when I receive messages like your, Chico ;-))
    Thanks so much

  6. thanks for uploading this Garbarek show. Are those the names for the pieces as
    announced by Rete due?