mercoledì 7 ottobre 2015

Jan Garbarek group - Maijazz (2013)

Jan Garbarek - saxes, flute
Rainer Brüninghaus - piano, keyboards
Yuri Daniel - bass
Trilok Gurtu - drums, percussion, voice

01 Heather
02 The Creek
03 Yr
04 One goes there alone
05 Stolt oli
06 Tao (bass solo)
07 One version of events
08 Life without balcony
09 Red dust
10 Metamorphosen (piano solo)
11 Pageant
12 La Pasionara - Passage
13 Seven horses (percussion solo)
14 It's high time
15 Mission: To be where I am

Maijazz 2013, Stavanger Konserthus, Norway 2013-05-10

5 commenti:

  1. This looks absolutely excellent.

    Disappointingly, however, Rapidshare says "page not found".

    Thanks for everything else I have enjoyed from here.
    All brilliant.

  2. File is fine now - and concert sounding great!

    Thanks as always, Barabbovich. Garbarek sounds on top form in this recording from last year - really hope he records a new album soon!

  3. garbarek is always great! Thanks

  4. Link contains no data.
    Pls update.

  5. Link is down, dear friend. Can you reestabilished? These Garbarek new recordings are just splendid, thank you very much indeed