giovedì 13 febbraio 2014

Ecm special (1973) contains 6 unreleased tracks

1. CAPTAIN MARVEL (outtake from Chick Corea "Return To Forever) *
2. SEVEN II (alternate take from Paul Bley "Open, To Love") *
3. GEORGIAN BAY (from Paul Motian "Conception Vessel)
4. STRINGS (outtake from Chick Corea "Piano Improvisations 2") *
5. BRUJO II (alternate take from Ralph Towner with Glenn Moore "Trios/Solos") *
6. COUNTERPHONYMIC (outtake from Keith Jarrett "Facing You") *
7. BRUREMARSJ (from Jan Garbarek "Triptykon")
8. NOON SONG II (alternate take from Chick Corea "Piano Improvisations 1") *

* unreleased!!

Vinyl out of print

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  1. okay, so this just became the greatest blog in the history of the internet.

    Wow! Thanks for posting, Barabbovich! How did you manage to find this? I'd never even heard of it.

    Interesting how it says "Edition for Contemporary Music"; I thought the official wording for ECM had always been "Edition of Contemporary Music"? Perhaps in the early years, Manfred considered this an acceptable variant? Or maybe someone else was involved in the wording for this record? Who knows.

    1. just done a bit more digging - as far as I can see from copies on eBay, this seems to be a Japanese release, probably accounting for the different rendering of the full label name.

    2. Thank you, Alan. Is a great pleasure for me to share these albums and to receive comments like yours.
      I'm old enough to have such rare albums. ;-)
      This one was lent to me by a friend of mine

    3. Possible to have a fresh link?

  2. Special indeed! Thank you so much!

  3. thanks for all the music, can re-up these tittle...? many thanks!

  4. The link is no longer working could you re-upload this please

  5. Visto che il link di download non esiste più, si potrebbe ricaricare?